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Homeschooling did not come naturally to me, and then again, it was completely natural.

I was educated and experienced as an elementary school teacher, with a Masters Degree in Education, and completed my PhD in Communication. I have taught classes both on-campus and online for a number of universities. When it came to homeschooling our two daughters, I realized that my knowledge and experience helped a lot, and in some ways, it got in the way of what new experiences we could have at home!

I learned first-hand that there are some tried and true theories and concepts about learning that can apply to a classroom full of kids or adults, as well as in our home. There’s also some exciting new ways to think about learning that are as unique as you are—and that each person’s learning experience doesn’t have to look like the next person’s. We all have interests, values, and goals that can drive our children’s learning experiences, which will make that experience richer and more memorable.

I’m here to share what I’ve learned (and in some ways “re-learned”) along the way, and to encourage you to cultivate a beautiful home life and education for your children!

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