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Didn't think you'd be homeschooling? It's not a one-size-fits all kind of thing... Here are the steps to take to get started on the approach that looks right for your family!


In this class, we will sit down, as if we are sitting across the kitchen table with a cup of tea, and we will talk about your why for homeschooling. You may have had this sort of thrown onto your lap unexpectedly, you may be choosing or are compelled to homeschool as a result of the pandemic. Or, you may have always thought you’d like to try homeschooling! There are many questions about how to get started, what approach to take and what that looks like in your everyday life and I’m here to help!

Whether you thought you’d take this path or not, in this class, we will talk through:

  • Cultivating a memorable year for your whole family

  • Instilling values, setting goals, finding ways to make your homeschool experience as unique as your family, and developing your child as an individual

  • Finding your state’s standards for the type of homeschooling you will be doing (virtual school vs. homeschooling)

  • Choosing curriculum for the needs and interests of you as a teacher and each of your kids (it’s not one size fits all!)

  • How to make decisions on and manage different schedules/ routines that works for your family’s life, types of homeschooling during a pandemic

  • Organizing your space

  • Connecting with others

  • Working while homeschooling


Here's what you will find in every section:


Videos: We will talk through different aspects of homeschooling, and I'll share with you difference approaches we've tried through the years, in the different seasons of homeschooling.  I'll share what worked, what didn't work- or what typically worked for one child and didn't work for another! :) I'll explain in each video the approach to your projects, so you can begin to build your own notebook and perspective on homeschooling, and begin your year with confidence!

Projects: Worksheets in the 57-page printable pdf workbook will be provided to walk you through the concepts in a given section step by step.  Print out the workbook/ guide to create a binder where you can work through of your homeschool plan and keep an organized record of your plan. 


Resources:  I will include links and suggestions for further resources to help you along the way!


If you find yourself in a position where you think you may start homeschooling and are in the middle of the unknowns, this course is for you! I will walk you through the steps of decision making and determining how you best can approach homeschooling in a way that works for you and your family. I look forward to "seeing" you in class!

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